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Главная » Архитектура » Дизайн жилых интерьеров » Книга Living in Style: The New Art Deco
Дизайн жилых интерьеров
Living in Style: The New Art Deco
Claire Bingham
Living in Style: The New Art Deco
  Издательство: teNeues
ISBN-13: 978-3-96171-093-5 / 9783961710935
Переплет: Hardcover, 25 x 32 cm
Количество страниц: 224; color photographs: 230
Год издания: 2018
Язык: Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
ID: 11765
Цена: 2,000 грн
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An astonishing collection of super glamorous interiors with a sumptuous style that draw on art deco for inspiration

What does a contemporary Art Deco interior look like to you? Is it glittering and cabaret-like, featuring marabou trims, sequin scales, and striking chevron stripes? Or is it elegance personified in the manner of a Marlene Dietrich trouser suit — soft and well-tailored, but accessorised dramatique?

Through jewel-like furnishings that light up the room, ornate mirrors as beautiful as brooches, simple Japanese-style lighting, and bold, curvaceous furniture shapes, join design journalist Claire Bingham as she tours the most sumptuous, modern day Deco interiors — at home, on holiday, in restaurants and bars. Spanning ritzy venues to sublimely-styled houses, Living in Style The New Art Deco is all about 21st century Deco-inspired interiors — vivid, glamorous, polished, and self-assured.

With chapters focusing on all facets of the Art Deco look, including designers, design details, paint palettes, and Art Deco accessories, this gorgeous interiors book opens the door to exclusive, charismatic, contemporary Deco spaces and offers abundant Art Deco design ideas and inspiration for beginners and experts alike. Vintage photographs contextualize the featured interiors, showcasing the icons of Art Deco that have immortalized the era and style. From 1920s and 1930s trendsetters swathed in silks and furs to swanky Dimore Studio-designed salons, this book celebrates the enduring appeal of a halcyon design age as modern and desirable as it is elaborate and luxurious.

CLAIRE BINGHAM is an interiors journalist who writes about design, travel, and style for several publications worldwide. Before becoming an author, including the teNeues books Modern Living and A Beautiful Mess, she was the Homes Editor for Elle Decoration U.K. and her insightful work has been featured in international glossies, including Vogue Living and Architectural Digest. Scouring the globe for inspiring interiors and discovering the talents behind the scenes, she ultimately writes about homes full of character — be it modern day glamour or old world, disheveled charm.

Includes private homes as well as chic hotels, stylish restaurants, and trendy bars

Living in Style: The New Art Deco

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