Curated: A New Experience in Retail Design

книга Curated: A New Experience in Retail Design, автор: Sandu

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Curated: A New Experience in Retail Design

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ID: 9650
Издательство: Promopress
Переплёт: Hardcover, 21 x 28 cm
Количество страниц: 240
Год издания: 2012
Язык: Multilingual edition: English, French, Italian, Spanish
ISBN-13: 9788492810253

Retail merchandising is not just about garments hanging on a rail in isolation or displaying items on shelves

Leading fashion retailers and luxury lifestyle stores now rely heavily on conceptual interior and space design to reflect the whole image and philosophy of their label or brand, not just to showcase their collections. The connection between store space and product is organic one defines and enhances the other. Curated focuses on the current minimalist, gallery/store trend in commercial design and decoration, and its increasing presence in new shopping spaces.

Contemporary boutiques, bookshops, bars and concept stores now seek to create a unique environment where innovative minimal design, art, lighting, styling and music are as much of an integral part of the shopping experience as the merchandise itself. The traditional retail store has now involved into an evolving platform of meticulously-curated ideas, where limited edition pieces sit elegantly beside bespoke-designed furniture like gallery installations. Abstract art pieces and objects are juxtaposed with clothes, interacting in a seamless aesthetic harmony.

Curated offers a visual journey of contemporary design and explores the close affinity between fashion and art in a modern, utilitarian minimalist setting. An exquisite visual reference book of some of the most cutting edge in-store spaces across the globe, this book presents innovative retailing ideas and minimalist inspirations from the hottest international design studios such as the conceptual Phillip 3.1 store in Seoul, Camper in London, Issey Miyake in Shibuya, Swarovski in Ginza ,Merci Pop-up store, Aesop in Singapore, the uber-minimalist Muji in Milan and so much more. Here visual merchandising is taken to a whole new level, elevating the products into objects of beauty and works of art and blurring the boundaries between fashion and design.

This work features information and interviews with the designers, technical drawing plans as well as an explanation of the concept and creative process and personal vision behind the design of each space.

Features the following shops and designers:

Earl's Gourmet Grub- Free Land Buck; Aesop, Singapore- March Studio; V2K Designers, Istanbul- Autoban; Boutique Runway, Vietnam- CLS Architetti Lik+Neon- Gitta Gschwendtner; Folk Clothing- Iya Studio, London; YOUR Concept Store- Iya Studio, London; Et Vous- Joseph Dirand Architecture; 3.1 Phillip Lim, Seoul, Korea- Leong Leong Architecture; Korchiro Kimura Aoyama- International; Japanse winkeltje- Nezu Aymo Architects; Lodge, Hiroshima, Japan- Philipp Plein; Duras Daiba, Tokyo- Chikara Ohno; Entrance, Buchares- Square One; Camper in Malmo, Sweden- TAF; Eva New York Fashion Store- Volido; Comme des Garcon Aoyama- Studio Toogood.