Dieux du Stade

Fred Goudon
книга Dieux du Stade, автор: Fred Goudon

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Dieux du Stade

Fred Goudon
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ID: 11097
Издательство: teNeues
Переплёт: Hardcover, 25 x 32 cm
Количество страниц: 144; color photographs: 100
Год издания: 2015
Язык: Multilingual edition: English, German, French
ISBN-13: 9783832732868

- This stunning volume celebrates the 15th anniversary of the famous Dieux du Stade calendar
- Photographer Fred Goudon is honoring the male body in all its athletic glory
- These sensual images will delight fans of artistic male nude photography
The ancient Greeks thought the gods dwelled on Mount Olympus. We can confidently report that they’re among us. Elaborating on the photographs taken for the popular Dieux du Stade calendar, these tantalizing images feature players of the famous international rugby club, the Stade Français Paris and athletes from other disciplines such as football, handball, judo, and swimming, in all their unclothed glory. This second volume of the successful Dieux du Stade book presents photographs by Fred Goudon, whose work has focussed on the male form for over 20 years. His stunning composition and skillful use of light create an intimate atmosphere and transform the athletes into Greek gods.

About the author:

Fred Goudon was born in Cannes, France. He studied journalism and started working as a press photographer. In the late 1980s, he moved to Los Angeles and found his calling for fashion photography and his ability to highlight the beauty of masculinity. He works for model agencies and fashion labels and has published several books and calendars.