Sasaki: Intersection and Convergence

Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor)
книга Sasaki: Intersection and Convergence, автор: Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor)

Sasaki: Intersection and Convergence

Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor)
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ISBN: 0979380154

Sasaki Associates is one of the world’s leading interdisciplinary design firms. The firm’s work touches every aspect of the built environment – Architecture, Planning and Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Eco-Technologies, Interior Design and Graphic Design. Clients include the world’s leading universities, major development organizations, corporations and cities across the United States and throughout the world. Sasaki designed the master plan for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Green and has been honored by more than 500 awards across all disciplines.

Sasaki: Intersection and Convergence is a comprehensive, richly-illustrated publication that describes the depth and geographic breadth of the firm’s work. The book’s “Spaces and Learning” section details plans, buildings and landscapes that capture future possibilities of universities. “Regenerative Cities” focuses on transformative new uses and neighborhoods from Ho Chi Minh City to Chicago. “New Social Realities” chronicles designs informed by contemporary changes in human habitation, technology and lifestyle.

Born as a unique interdisciplinary firm at the height of the modernist era in the early 1950s, Sasaki has evolved into a firm that thrives on collaboration amongst the disciplines. At once global and cosmopolitan, sustainable and strategic, Sasaki’s projects are as varied and multi-layered as the clients and communities they serve. “(The firm’s) projects pay close attention to the natural and cultural environments they occupy” writes Susan S. Szenasy in her foreword.